10 Messed Up Origin Stories Of Disney Princesses

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_________________________________________________________ Disney movies were most of our first experiences with fairy tales. And when it comes to their princess stories, we know they can sometimes be formulaic. Which isn’t a bad thing, who doesn’t love a happily ever after right? We love rooting for the princesses to escape their evil stepmothers and be happy. But what if we told you the original stories from which Disney was inspired, were actually not so happy? We’ve got a list of some pretty messed up origin stories. Did you know that Cinderella’s original story was much from gruesome? It ended up with her step sisters eyes getting pecked out.
And you won’t believe this. Rapunzel’s origin story involves her parents trading her for a salad. When she was in her tower singing, a prince walked by and climbed up using her hair. They fell in love and vowed to get married. When Gothel found out, she had Rapunzel banished to a desert and her prince pushed of the tower where he was blinded. He wandered around blind until he found Rapunzel and their twins. And did you know Ariel from the Little Mermaid, was actually in pain every time she walked? In the original story she didn’t get the prince, she actually turned into sea foam.
Want to know what other messed up origin stories made our list, watch our video and find out.
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